ONDA: Success is just Beginning

Onda, the first system in the world which uses Coolwaves  (special microwaves) to treat localised fat deposits, cellulite, and tightening, was presented 6 months ago in Monte Carlo during the DEKA International Distributor Meeting. It sparked keen interest and curiosity among the distributors of more than 80 countries.
Its active principle is based on the interaction between microwaves and fat tissue. It stimulates a metabolic modification of the lipid content which is then eliminated naturally. All of this happens in a completely non-invasive way which is painless, safe, and sure.
On the market for less than a year, Onda can already boast of international recognition. From Aesthetic Guide it received the Aesthetic Industry Award in Las Vegas for best new technology 2018, and during the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World conference in Monte Carlo, it was honoured as the best non-invasive technology for body shaping.
In the last year, more than 1000 people (80% women and 20% men) have tried the new Onda technology, with a 90% satisfaction rate. “As demonstrated proof shows, microwaves offer numerous advantages for the improvement of cellulite and the orange-peel effect, through the denaturation of fibrous tissues,” says Professor Zerbinati (Dept. of Dermatology, University of Insubria, Varese – Italy), “and for the treatment excess fat, with important remodelling of the fat tissue.
Also Professor Paolo Bonan (Chief of Dermatology at Villa Donatello and Key Officer of the European Society of Laser and Energy-based Devices), one of the first to experiment with the Onda procedure, affirms, “Onda has been a true step forward in my profession. “With this device, I have obtained truly surprising results. I found the answer to the request of many patients who need a non-invasive, safe, and effective solution, with visible results in terms of fat tissue reduction and improvement of cellulite in just a few, brief sessions.”
Onda is proving to be a true and proper break-away innovation in a continually evolving sector like aesthetic medicine, and especially body shaping. DEKA’s legacy has always been characterised by technological innovations which have made the difference in the medical, surgical, and dermatological fields by offering revolutionary solutions in terms of both clinical application and new technologies, and Onda fully represents this mission.

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