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Muscle strengthening and body shaping, DEKA presents SCHWARZY, a device that triggers more than 20,000 contractions to increase muscle mass in less than thirty minutes. 

Champions Filippo Magnini and Alberto Cova have used this new technology to tone their muscle mass through extraordinary levels of stimulations

DEKA, a Florentine company belonging to the El.En. Group, presents Schwarzy, the new non-invasive muscle toning and body shaping system whose treatments have been developed and customised to target specific needs, based on the person’s features and the areas to be treated.

Schwarzy is the result of  DEKA’s ongoing commitment to scientific and clinical research, and from its attention to the needs and demands of doctors and patients.

Schwarzy, the Florentine company’s latest device, helps users feel well about themselves through a revolutionary technology called TOP FMS (TOP Flat Magnetic Stimulation), which acts by firming the muscles and reducing localised fat deposits. This non-invasive device works on different areas of the body through the use of special handpieces that adapt to the abdomen, the buttocks, the arms and legs, triggering muscular contractions induced by the electric field generated by the magnetic field. This stimulation –  superior to the stimulation that the patient can achieve independently – ensures excellent results. The treatment is painless and causes no discomfort since no electric current flows through the skin.

Filippo Magnini, two-time swimming World Champion, and Alberto Cova, World Champion and Olympic gold medallist in the 10,000-metre run – two great sportsmen from different generations, sharing the same goal-driven approach – have chosen Schwarzy to maintain and, indeed, strengthen their muscle tone.

One of the first people to use the new Schwarzy system was Professor Paolo Bonan, Head of Dermatology and Laser Dermo Surgery at the Villa Donatello clinic in Florence (Italy), who described his experience treating the Olympic champion Alberto Cova: “For Cova, we have developed a strategic course of treatment. Alberto turns to our team and to the new Schwarzy technology in between training sessions. He is over 60 years old now, but he still runs, also in marathons, and therefore he needs a muscle strengthening program that prepares his muscles for the fatigue experienced during the race. Partly thanks to Schwarzy, Cova has achieved excellent results, strengthening all the muscles in the lower limbs, the abdomen and the lumbar area, ensuring greater posture control during the race,” concluded Prof. Bonan.

Alberto Cova, winner of the 10,000 m at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, is very pleased with the results obtained with Schwarzy, commenting as follows: I would recommend Schwarzy to any athlete wishing to boost his or her muscles, but especially to all those wishing to improve their quality of life. This is a tool that enhances your personal well-being.”

Another promoter of Schwarzy is cardiologist Dr. Massimo Gualerzi M.D., co-founder and Scientific Director of the Longevity Suite, based Italy (Parma and Milan), who followed Filippo Magnini during training. In the doctor’s words: “Our facility’s mission is to ensure our patients’ well-being and to lengthen their life by adopting the most advanced wellness and health technologies. Our customised treatments are designed to improve inner and outer beauty through a variety of professional figures, such as nutritionists and psychologists, and through latest-generation technologies meeting the needs of patients requiring non-invasive yet effective treatments.” “For Filippo Magnini,” continued Dr. Gualerzi M.D., “we developed a course of treatment completed during lockdown. Filippo underwent a cycle of sessions, which contributed to keeping him in shape and to strengthening his muscles. Schwarzy is undoubtedly a winning technological solution capable of achieving significant goals,” concluded Dr. Gualerzi.

The two-time 100 metres freestyle World Champion Filippo Magnini commented as follows: “Relying on technology to improve performance is an ever-increasing trend. We have moved from “old-style” workouts based exclusively on gym equipment to electric stimulation and the use of magnetic fields. I would recommend Schwarzy because it has a number of different programs targeting specific treatments. It is important to seize the opportunities provided by technology if we wish to pursue a policy of continuous improvement.”

“We are delighted to introduce this important, non-invasive technology for strengthening muscles and keeping fit,” said Paolo Salvadeo, CEO of DEKA and General Manager of El.En.Schwarzy is a new, all-Italian system developed to satisfy the increasing demand from men and women wishing to strengthen their muscles and reshape their body with short treatment sessions.   As a leading manufacturer of lasers for use in aesthetic medicine and minimally invasive surgery, our company is increasingly positioning itself in the body care segment – first with the extraordinary Onda Coolwaves, based on selective microwaves, and now with Schwarzy, which, incidentally, fully complements Onda. Yet again, we have confirmed our commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions in the field of body care and personal well-being,” concluded Mr. Salvadeo.

Schwarzy is just one of the new products launched by DEKA in 2020. Developed to enhance muscular strength, it can be used alone or alongside Onda as an important technological means of improving life quality.

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