2019: An Exceptional Year for The El.En. Group

2019 has been a fantastic year for El.En. Nowadays the El.En. Group is the second one in the world, as it re­gards medical laser applications, and the seventh as it regards laser business in [...]

Laser Blaster cleaning the Old Bridge of Florence

Many Italian cities are like beautiful open-air museums. It’s the close proximity to such extraordinary old buildings that adds to the excitement of visiting places like Florence. But [...]

DEKA – A New Approach to Innovation

Marco Tagliaferri is the new Medical R&D Manager at DEKA The process of change, started over a year ago with nomination of Paolo Salvadeo as Managing Director of the El.En. Group, continues and [...]

DEKA – A year of significant change

After 2016, a year in which we posted record results, 2017 is proving to be a year of transition and change. A process of renewal has begun both internally and externally, explains El.En. General [...]

DEKA celebrates 25 years in business

Intense years of growth, experimentation, change and evolution. 25 years, a key milestone which our men and women have helped us achieve through their expertise and passion.