Editorial – A New Era for DEKA

I am extremely happy to be starting this new issue of DEKA MAG by commenting on the new and exciting novelties coming to life in DEKA. 2018 got off to a shining start, and the Distributor Meeting [...]

DEKA – A New Approach to Innovation

Marco Tagliaferri is the new Medical R&D Manager at DEKA The process of change, started over a year ago with nomination of Paolo Salvadeo as Managing Director of the El.En. Group, continues and [...]

Motus AY: Revolution Keeps Going

Motus AY is the new system that DEKA has developed to complete the Motus AX Alexandrite laser. A system without rivalries, with all the benefits and without the disadvantages of Alexandrite [...]


A brand is the image of a company, reflecting its identity in terms of values, mission and objectives. Our logo was designed about 35 years ago, when DEKA was in its infancy – its aim was mainly [...]