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I am extremely happy to be starting this new issue of DEKA MAG by commenting on the new and exciting novelties coming to life in DEKA.

2018 got off to a shining start, and the Distributor Meeting in April is a great opportunity to present all the novelties we have in store for all our distributors. All of this at a venue, in Monte Carlo, that is absolutely ideal and consistent with expectations.

We have very interesting novelties underway; and the company has mobilised in two key lines. The first is the renovation of both production and R&D capacities.

The DEKA production site, at the factory of Calenzano (Florence, Italy), has been completely transformed, making production activities faster and more efficient. The first effects are already in clear view, the product lead times have been slashed, enabling our customers to receive DEKA products fast.

Even the R&D department has been completely renovated, thanks to an injection of new fresh and enthusiastic strengths. I welcome all of you, and especially Marco Tagliaferri, a young but already skilful physicist who will give real impetus to perfecting of the already existing systems and who will fuel DEKA products with new ideas. His contribution is already visible in R&D since he took his post last September.

But even the DEKA product line doesn’t lack for novelties. We are really excited to present the first Body Shaping product that uses microwave technology and electromagnetic energy of the highest frequency of the now traditional frequency which brings notable advantages in terms of safety and efficacy. Let’s not forget the new Motus AY, the natural evolution of the now famous Motus AX, the new and upcoming SmartXide Punto, heir to the SmartXide DOT and even more interesting novelties. But let’s not unveil everything. The future of DEKA has already been settled and it will be radiant and brilliant.

Enjoy your read!

Mauro Galli

International Sales and Marketing Director DEKA

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