DEKA's excellent results for the year 2020.
During the pandemic period our company has given ample proof of its resilience, also in a perfect storm situation.

Editorial 8

Perseverance, Courage, Heart. They are, and will continue to be, the three main engines for DEKA, and, in general, for Italy...

Editorial 7

As I am sure you are aware, after many years as DEKA’s Sales Manager, I will be leaving this post to take up a new one in the Company. I am delighted to have contributed to DEKA’s evolution from [...]


In the medical laser arena DEKA has lived several important eras, each one characterized by a specific product. Smartepil, SmartXide Dot, Smartlipo, Cellulaze and MonaLisa Touch are just a few [...]

Editorial 5

Some months have passed now since a letter requesting clarification regarding vaginal treatments with various energy systems was sent by the FDA to some American distributors, including Cynosure [...]

Editorial – A New Era for DEKA

I am extremely happy to be starting this new issue of DEKA MAG by commenting on the new and exciting novelties coming to life in DEKA. 2018 got off to a shining start, and the Distributor Meeting [...]

Editorial – Mauro Galli

The theme of this third issue of DEKA MAG, is change and evolution. These concepts make it possible to achieve constant innovation and come up with new ideas, an approach which has underpinned [...]

DEKA MAG – Straight to the point!

Here we are with this second issue of DEKA MAG, a magazine designed to let our readers know what is happening at DEKA, the leading company in the El.En. group...

Welcome, DEKA MAG! The best is yet to come…

Dear readers,I’m very glad to have the opportunity to introduce this first issue of DEKA MAG, a magazine which gives voice to our company in an attempt to create a shared culture, to spread the [...]