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Dear Friends,

As I am sure you are aware, after many years as DEKA’s Sales Manager, I will be leaving this post to take up a new one in the Company. I am delighted to have contributed to DEKA’s evolution from a small business founded in 1991 to one of the most renowned and highly reputed companies in the global market. This achievement would not have been possible without the help and patience of all of DEKA’s staff.

Back in the ‘90s the market was very different from how it is now, as technology and knowledge have increased exponentially to create new opportunities and new treatments. Back then laser was used almost exclusively as a surgical instrument – principally in hospitals – and systems were limited to CO2, Nd:YAG – largely continuous – and lasers and gases that have now disappeared.

Since then a number of new procedures have been introduced, including, to name just the most important ones: skin resurfacing, hair removal, vascular treatments, body contouring and, last but not least, the laser treatment of GSM symptoms. DEKA has been actively involved in this development by introducing important and innovative systems like SmartXide DOT, SmartEpil, Triactive, SmartLipo, MonaLisa Touch and Onda, which have sold in the thousands globally.

Constant innovation has enabled DEKA to spread extensively in important countries – all over the globe – through a major distribution network. This opportunity has been key for us to get to know the state of play and the various interpretations of the laser sector and has given us a new impetus and new knowledge. I still remember when I got the idea for the MonaLisa Touch during a speech at a gynaecology conference in Cordoba, in Argentina, about the effects of menopause on vaginal tissue, which are very similar to photo and chrono aging of the skin!

DEKA relies heavily on the support of its distributors and will provide new ideas and new solutions to remain ahead of the field. The Luxea system, which offers complete and unique therapeutic solutions, is a further demonstration of this continuity, as are the new systems currently in our pipeline, which I am sure will continue to surprise the market and all of us here in the company.

I wish you every success with DEKA in the future. Together we will continue to be great.

Kind regards,

Mauro Galli

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