The DEKA DOC Contest, the event which pitched laser professionals from around the world against each other, has been a great success. A whole host of participants enrolled, with a vast array of [...]

MonaLisa Touch®: 5 Years of Experimentation

The wonder of laser technology lies in continuous experimentation. The more widespread one of our systems becomes in the market (and therefore more widely-used), the more we’ll be able to come up [...]

DEKA – A year of significant change

After 2016, a year in which we posted record results, 2017 is proving to be a year of transition and change. A process of renewal has begun both internally and externally, explains El.En. General [...]

Editorial – Mauro Galli

The theme of this third issue of DEKA MAG, is change and evolution. These concepts make it possible to achieve constant innovation and come up with new ideas, an approach which has underpinned [...]