Spotlight on: Mariko Yuki – Japan

Mariko Yuki
DEKA Japan

Tokyo (Japan)

At the time it was established, in 2009, DEKA JAPAN was a nameless laser manufacturer company.  But during the years this company has significantly increased the sales performance till to become a widely recognized laser company, which has enabled it to be established as one of the leading laser manufacturers.

The successfully performances are due mostly to 2 hits products: Madonna Lift using SmartXide DOT and Excilite-µ.


Madonna Lift is a fractioned CO2 laser procedure which treats the wrinkles and saggy, lax skin around the eyes. It is a novel modal proposed to target the areas which had been difficult to treat with traditional therapy such as laser and injection. Celebrity marketing which introduced Madonna has proved to be effective to create a buzz and promote its recognition among patients and doctors, successfully increased the sales promotion.

EXCILITE-µ, a targeted UV device, has been increasingly introduced into dermatology. Along with the fact that the device became a trend as a novel UVB therapy in 2009, the efficacy of the therapy, which is an essential treatment method which secures payment for the service, has been rated higher than conventional narrow band therapy. That has contributed to increasing the sales of the device.

Anyway today the cosmetic medical treatment related to dermatology and plastic surgery, as the whole market – has been stagnant. Our competitors have also been exposed to difficult situations including fierce price competition.

Today the field which is drawing attention is the vaginal laser rejuvenation. That’s why in the last 3 years we have been focusing our promotional efforts of MonaLisa Touch application in the obstetrics and gynecology field, which has started to enhance the recognition of the company as well as the product among gynecologists, successfully increasing the sales performance.

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