DEKA DOC CONTEST – a huge success

After being launched in the first issue of DEKA MAG, the DEKA DOC CONTEST has turned out to be a big success. The DEKA DOC CONTEST hasn’t yet come to a close!

DEKA MAG – Straight to the point!

Here we are with this second issue of DEKA MAG, a magazine designed to let our readers know what is happening at DEKA, the leading company in the El.En. group...

Vascular Lesions: The Evolution of Dye Lasers

Vascular lesions are often a cause of great concern to patients. Treatment is sought for a variety of reasons including cosmesis, pain, bleeding, or disfigurement. The Synchro VASQ is the new [...]

What’s New! ELSD: At the Forefront in Education

ESLD or European Society for Lasers and Energy Based Devices is an international association dedicated to medical procedures performed with laser and other energy based devices. Next course [...]