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Here we are with this second issue of DEKA MAG, a magazine designed to let our readers know what is happening at DEKA, the leading company in the El.En. group.

Our first issue was a great success: indeed we were delighted to receive thanks and congratulations from our distributors and customers all around the world.

We have done our best to make the magazine style both simple and straight to the point, as well as practical and concrete – the best way, in our view, of informing and raising interest among our readers. The Internet has completely revolutionized communication, even in the field of scientific information – fresh tools are needed, providing updates straight from the heart of the problem, with practical information that is easy to use and apply.

That is why we need new information tools such as DEKA MAG.

This issue has several new features. This year, 2017, is proving to be a time of great innovation, both in the company’s management structure and with regard to products and applications.

One of the most exciting new applications is in Wound Healing: this is a fascinating area where we firmly believe that lasers have great potential.

There will be updates on the DEKA DOC Contest and an in-depth study of the French market, which this year has shown excellent sales figures and promotions.

Another goal of ours is to create a platform where we can exchange views and opinions with our readers. And so we would love to hear your tips on topics to discuss or your requests for further information.

Thank you for your kind attention – enjoy reading this issue!


Leonardo Masotti

President of DEKA

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