Forging Resilience

In physics, resilience is the capacity of a material to resist impact. In psychology, the term takes on the meaning of resistance to a disruptive, negative adverse event, or to a tragic situation.

The Importance of Resilience: How DEKA is Reacting

The resilience is the capacity to adapt to a constantly changing environment without losing sight of the core purpose. In changing times resilience is the ability to persevere and achieve [...]

Upstream Marketing: What Great Innovation Needs

DEKA has always made of innovation its main weapon to excel among competitors. The history of DEKA is characterized by numerous inventions and patents that have brought important and significant [...]


A totally renewed DEKA Academy has been just taken place in Florence: a new dedicated and comfortable location is the new scenario of this course. A new program, featured by a greater focus on [...]


A brand is the image of a company, reflecting its identity in terms of values, mission and objectives. Our logo was designed about 35 years ago, when DEKA was in its infancy – its aim was mainly [...]


The DEKA DOC Contest, the event which pitched laser professionals from around the world against each other, has been a great success. A whole host of participants enrolled, with a vast array of [...]

DEKA DOC CONTEST – a huge success

After being launched in the first issue of DEKA MAG, the DEKA DOC CONTEST has turned out to be a big success. The DEKA DOC CONTEST hasn’t yet come to a close!

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