Upstream Marketing: What Great Innovation Needs

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DEKA has always made of innovation its main weapon to excel among competitors. The history of DEKA is characterized by numerous inventions and patents that have brought important and significant novelties in the field of medicine.

This is why DEKA has decided to create a new Department, led by Mauro Galli, to enhance this expertise: UP STREAM MARKETING.

Upstream marketing focuses on innovation. It tries to answer two questions: where the market is  moving and what customers want next.  Not only does upstream marketing influence the development of products, it can also focus on identifying the company’s purpose and developing its brand identity. A business engaged in upstream marketing at that level will conduct its strategic research to examine the future of the market it serves and how it can develop and produce products to serve the market it foresees: will look at trends, examine demographics, project economic conditions, conduct focus group meetings and examine alternative product ideas. It works with a production development team to create the product.

The results of its upstream marketing will be revealed in its mission statement and long-term strategic goals.

Few questions to Mauro Galli – Upstream  Marketing Director:

What will our customer want next?

“Client requests are becoming more and more pressing towards the search of new and innovative procedures. It is therefore necessary to have always something innovative and equally effective, exploring lands that have not been touched so far.”

Where does the market move?

“The market will consolidate its cornerstones increasingly; hair removal, body contouring, skin treatment and vaginal treatments will be the most prosperous and interesting sectors.”

How do we want to be part of these moves?

“DEKA will want always to be a protagonist, it is essential to stay in its current position, we will have to improve our performance in everything we offer, ranging from product reliability to training, passing from communication to the search of selected and motivated partners.”

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