MOVEO PL: Fastness and Comfort in Treating Pigmented Lesions

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Pigmented lesions can be either epidermal, dermal and mixed, depending on the depth of the pigment located in the skin. Many people decide to undergo a laser treatment to get rid of them.

The treatment of pigmented lesions has always been characterized by a trade-off between efficacy and pain, given the sensitivity of the area in which pigmented lesions  usually are located (face).  To treat them it is usually used some Q-switched Laser systems with very short and very powerful pulses so to unluckily damage  the surrounding tissues either.
Thanks to DEKA’s vast experience in laser sources, it was possible to design a new handpiece utilizing the most effective wavelength for melanin (Alexandrite 755nm) in a low fluence-multipass process to offer  the greatest comfort and safety treatment to patients.
MOVEO PL, therefore, overcomes the trade-off guaranteeing, for any skin type (even Asian skin),  maximum results in a painless, no side effects  way.

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