RF-Touch: The Game Changing Synergy For Vulvo-Vaginal Health

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DEKA has introduced the new single use RF Touch handpiece with a bipolar radiofrequency source directly connected to the CO2 laser device (Smartixide Touch and SmartiXide 2 V2LR), providing a unique market possibility to offer a synergistic treatment for the intimate health of patients.

The use of RF for tissue tightening is widepread in both dermatology and gynaecolgy. In order to perform tightening it’s necessary to act on a well hydrated tissue; RF penetrates deeply only into tissue if they are perfectly hydrated. The presence of water, actually, favours the passage of the radiofrequency, producing heat in the deep connective tissue and thus stimulating tightening, toning and regeneration of new collagen.

Here, with the introduction of RF Touch, DEKA is able to offers a wider range of solutions for the treatment of vaginal health related symptoms: vaginal atrophy with MonaLisa Touch and not- Vaginal atrophy correlated vaginal laxity.

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