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Lynton is a UK manufacturer and distributor of medical-grade aesthetic technology that originate from the University of Manchester. Founded in 1994 by a team of PhD physicists today we have the largest support network available in the UK, providing all Lynton customers with access to our Clinical, Marketing, Training and Technical Support departments. We specialise in guiding all our customers through the transitional process of setting-up new aesthetic technologies within their business, with over 1,000 customers in the UK already successfully using our equipment. We understand that when using aesthetic technology, our customers need to be sure of its quality, integrity and reliability which is why DEKA is the perfect partner for us. We have helped build and support hundreds of medical and aesthetic practices across the UK, resulting in us winning numerous awards for the quality of our equipment and post-purchase support services. This success has all contributed to Lynton being approved as a preffered NHS Supplier.

The Motus AY is a bestseller at Lynton, hair removal is in very high demand in the UK and customers are educated about laser technology – they want the best! The Motus AY has been extremely popular because it’s a genuine innovation in technology. The practitioner values the efficacy of the Alexandrite wavelength whilst the patient values the safety and comfort of Moveo mode. Body contouring continues to grow in the UK and we predict ONDA will be hugely successful in 2020, along with continued growth in the skin rejuvenation sector.

A focus for Lynton next year is to continue to grow in the digital space. As more consumers make their purchasing decisions not just online, but via the phone rather than desktop device, so our communication channels need to change. Awareness of tools such as youtube advertising and facebook Live are growing in the UK and now is a great time to get a head start and populate these areas with valuable content both for practitioners and the end consumer to future proof the Lynton brand.

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