The Importance of Resilience: How DEKA is Reacting

The resilience is the capacity to adapt to a constantly changing environment without losing sight of the core purpose.

In changing times resilience is the ability to persevere and achieve business objectives – it’s about the ability to keep ongoing despite set with the right skills and products for the challenges to be faced.

In a world of relentless change, people need reassurance: this is the key aspect for brands to focus on. Brand reassurance is something that brands currently don’t take for granted. It comes from experiences and authentic communication and it’s going to be something that is incredibly valuable in the future.

To reassure and remain authentic in the eyes of our clients, we are find new ways to respond: DEKA is moving on a new way of creating authentic relationship with dealers and clients through many digital tools which have been implemented.We are facing a great change.

SOCIAL NETWORKS – DEKA is improving and strengthening its presence on the web and in all social media. Facebook, Youtube , Linkedin and now Instagram are our best practises.

DEKA WEB TV  – A new way to be with you is ready! DEKA TV is the new streaming channel to show trainings, make presentations and launch new products.

REMOTE MAINTANCE SYSTEM : installed in Onda and Luxea systems, this application allows to check and do assistance worldwide by DEKA Service.

We are facing a great change. The skill lies in adapting to seizing new opportunities and being prepared for the consequences. This is resilience!


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