Spotlight on: Alberto Mendonça – Brazil

Premium Tech was founded 13 years ago as a DEKA Laser reseller for the central region of Brazil. The alignment and identification with the values of the DEKA Laser Company, added with the confidence in its equipment made the partnership evolve and since 2016 we are the exclusive importers and distributors for Brazilian territory.
Our mission is to keep working with commitment to offer high-quality products, as DEKA Laser, prioritizing the best service and result for our customers on beauty and health’s areas. We are focused on always offering treatments and protocols, effectively,
safely to support the success of specialized clinics, and medical professionals. During the last years, due to Brazilian economy volatility, it required smart actions to keep engagement with the Doctors. One of our best actions is the investment in workshops in the key cities around the country to exchange experiences and new protocols, besides to promote our portfolio to the potential new clients.
Fortunately, due to the high quality of the equipment’s and the new technologies launched by DEKA Laser in recent years, we are full growing!
In 2017 we focused on SmartXide Touch with positive results, due to the new demand for innovative treatments for post-menopause as the aging of the female population is growing in the last years. In 2018 Motus was launched and compared to the competitors: we’ve an excellent laser hair removal equipment. Last year we launched Onda, a revolutionary equipment of our portfolio, the new star of the body treatment in Brazil! The new technology ONDA CoolWaves was very well accepted in just a few months after the launching. ONDA has been proven to be the best and complete solution for body treatments and became the “must have” equipment for the top end clinics in Brazil.

One of our strategies to keep this wave high is to invest in digital communication. Our PR agency is working with digital influencers that are leading the best body treatments posts on digital platforms, and we invited them to experience Onda’s amazing results and share it with the consumers.
We made an effort to participate in the major National and Regional events in Aesthetics, Dermatology and Medicin in Brazil.
We truly believe that our greatest differential is in the service and support provided to our clients by doing exclusive and customized training
sessions to each clinic and their professionals teams. A solid partnership starts with trustfully selling process and quality support along the years. Many thanks to all DEKA leaders and teams for sharing with us these principles!

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