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Dear all,

during the pandemic period our company has given ample proof of its resilience, also in a perfect storm situation.

We have utilized scientific and pragmatic methods. All the necessary measures have been adopted. We have implemented safety standards of excellence for our employees and we have strengthened efficiency and cooperation at all levels: from the top to the bottom.
Our revenue was slightly lower than our record 2019 turnover. A truly heroic year.

The key to our success was the sense of efficiency, community, and excellent planning.
We worked on everything at 360°: R&D, operations, quality, certifications, digital marketing, training, clinical studies, new process optimization, development and launch of new products.
During the year, we have also carried out improvement plans for our buildings, to make them even more functional and to welcome our clients in the future.

Emergencies, natural disasters and pandemics always impose radical changes upon us from a mentality and organizational perspective. An important change in our operational routines: the strengthening of our sense of community, and one direction to follow in pursuit of a common objective.

Concentrating on cost cuts would have been a fatal mistake. It is indeed in moments of crisis that investments are warranted. This is because major competitive advantages can only be attained this way when starting over. During the course of the year 2020 being realistic has proven to be necessary, as well as observing facts with realism, pragmatism and planning.

Now, we certainly cannot afford to be superficially optimistic (the virus has not been defeated, and the vaccine for all of us is still a remote answer).

The year 2021 will not be an easy one however it will be the right moment to change our mindset, our lifestyle and the way in which we approach things. We shall do this with our style but always with your help and support.

Thank you for everything, truly. We are one of the first companies in the world in the medical laser devices sector. A few extra small efforts and we shall become the absolute number one!

Paolo Salvadeo

Managing Director of DEKA

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