Birth of the Clinical Research & Practice Department

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What is the key to success of laser treatments? Simply, the fusion of ideas and continuous dialogue.

It’s grounded in the clinical experience of professionals that innovate and drive their own profession daily, from interactions with the sales network and marketing, from dialogue with product specialists, from the ability of research and development to push the envelop of technological limits.

The Clinical Research & Practice Department (CRP) fuses these ideas, arranges and tests them. The key to achieving success and scientific soundness is giving clinical realism and driving ideas to lead them in the right direction. CRP is an incubator that ripens proposals and balances physical wellness with technical feasibility.

Being part of the CRP department is a position of privilege because we get to witness the fruition of a long design pathway, of dialogue with the field and technical and production aspects, but especially we get to feel the great satisfaction of the results that treatments with laser, light, microwaves, and electromagnetic fields can give safely and effectively to improve and solve an aesthetic or functional problem.

CRP is the coalescence of experience and diverse skills: bioengineering, surgery, biology and chemistry. Forged in 2020 as a single group to strengthen and bolster the efficiency of all research activities and good clinical practice; it’s the result of the marriage of colleagues striving for years in scientific research at the company. CRP can also avail itself to external collaborations with professionals of many institutional and university branches and entities.

We wish to share this experience by accompanying you through this magazine with our latest clinical results.

The Clinical Research & Practice Department provides clinical data that support medical systems, especially novelties, promotes clinical training by writing scientific documentation, also performs preclinical assessments on biological models and with specific diagnostics including histology, along with consultations on the state of the scientific art to achieve a 360 degree vision of the context in which the product should be positioned.

The interaction with the activities of Product Managers boosts the synergy of the products in the various specialties, including the writing of clinical manuals with protocols supporting the use of the latest systems.

Coordinating this group is an honour and the capstone of the work I started exactly twenty years ago at DEKA as bioengineer from the very beginning following applications in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine.

We strive every day in writing Clinical Assessment documentation for various certifying bodies according to the latest regulatory standards in order to support obtainment of various medical certifications.

This is why every day we support each of you to share experience and to give substance to your ideas. We wish you the best in your work!

Ing. Tiziano Zingoni

CRP Department Director

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