Forging Resilience

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In physics, resilience is the capacity of a material to resist impact.

In psychology, the term takes on the meaning of resistance to a disruptive, negative adverse event, or to a tragic situation.

The lockdown was a tough time when we literally had to reinvent ourselves.

But we didn’t lose heart and instead we doubled-down our efforts to offer the market new and extremely innovative technological products and solutions.

By day we’ve been working on projects via the internet; at night and over the weekend, in workrooms, in adherence with behavioural requirements, we’ve continued, carefully and strictly, now for over a year.

For the depilation sector, we’ve developed one of the highest performing machines on the market: AGAIN. New, powerful, reliable and top of the range for performance. The appealing design and its user-friendly user interface graphics put the cherry on the cake.

In addition to MOVEO HR and PL, the 30 mm diameter spot handpiece and two more Moveo technologies were developed to heighten Again’s performance: Moveo SR (Skin Rejuvenation) and Moveo VL (Vascular Lesions).  Meaning, for both AGAIN, and for Motus AX and AY.

For the non-invasive Body Contouring sector, we created the most potent muscle stimulation system in the world: SCHWARZY. Based on intense magnetic fields, with TOP FMS profile.

Still for Body Shaping, we developed Delinea and PhysiQ, respectively, for international markets and for the United States, even obtaining FDA clearance for EMS stimulation with PhysiQ.

Onda underwent significant revamping, with technical and technological changes to the handpieces, making them lighter and ergonomic. This update has made it possible to even treat the double chin. Completing it all are the addition of telescopic antennae, and fastened pulley systems to support the handpieces, relieving weight. Other novelties are on the way in the coming months.

Using the TOP FMS technology of electromagnetic fields applied to stimulate the pelvic floor, we developed a revolutionary system called Dr Arnold, for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence.

We finished the development of the revolutionary RED TOUCH, the first system in the world with fractionated emission and a wavelength of 675 nm for direct stimulation of neo-collagen and neo-elastin.

We are proud of Luxea and its infinite clinical application modalities, even combined. Today, Luxea is the most complete and performing platform on the market thanks also to the new handpieces that are even more high performance.

We also made giant steps in surgery.

In addition to that, we also laid the foundation for what you’ll find out about soon in DEKA MAG. Meaning other super innovative systems have been developed, conceived to fortify our business and yours! 

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