A totally renewed DEKA Academy has been just taken place in Florence: a new dedicated and comfortable location is the new scenario of this course. A new program, featured by a greater focus on the practical parts with several hands-on sessions in small groups.
DEKA academy is executed by clinical experts with focus on recent applications, beyond Prof. Paolo Paolo Bonan, new teachers have been involved, together with Mr Simone Parenti, Clinical Educator from DEKA.

But Key players still remain the DEKA new system portfolio!: ONDA, the only Microwave delivery controlled system for Body shaping and Motus AY, the system with both Alexandrite laser and Nd:YAG laser sources for hair removal and all the other products.
DEKA Academy is a unique opportunity DEKA offer to his physicians to get a hands-on approach to the latest medical and aesthetic lasers technologies.

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