DEKA and El.En Group – The ingredients for ongoing success.

With over 35 years of continuous growth, the El.En. Group (which DEKA joined in 1991) has become one of the most important players in the global laser market.

El.En. is the holding company in a high-tech industrial group – with over 1000 employees, operating in the opto-electronics sector, using our proprietary technology and multidisciplinary know-how to manufacture laser sources (gas, semiconductor, solid-state and liquid) and innovative laser systems for medical and industrial applications.

With global turnover of around € 250 million (in 2016), marking a substantial increase over the previous year, the El.En. group is a robust company with real prospects for further growth.

What is the secret of this continuous growth?

Our growth is underpinned by two major market trends – says El.En. Group CEO Gabriele Clementi. “On the one hand, by the increase in demand on the part of an ageing population for mini-invasive cosmetic/medical treatments, and on the other by a growing demand for products designed to reduce surgery timescales, costs and risks, while maximizing effectiveness. Our products fully satisfy both these trends.”

Constant attention to market demands, and continuous investments in R&D in order to come up with safe, effective and innovative systems, are undoubtedly two of the key factors in our success. But one thing that also sets us apart from the competition is our presence in various manufacturing sectors. Here at the El.En. Group, we operate in the industrial sector, producing high-tech laser systems for marking, cutting and welding; in the medical sector – in which DEKA is the leading company – with systems used in aesthetic dermatology and various forms of surgery; and in the preservation of our cultural heritage through systems for restoring and conserving works of art.

Working in several sectors provides us with the benefits of cross-fertilization, creating a continuous drive for innovation, as there is a significant exchange of knowledge and know-how between different sectors.

Another strong point is our ability to offer a full range of laser sources that cover most potential medical applications – as well as discovering new ones on a regular basis. Our vocation for partnerships and dialogue, and our  acquisitions over the years of specialist manufacturers of various laser sources, have helped make us the world’s leading manufacturer of laser system products in terms of systems sold (approximately 5,000 annually).

Our goal for the coming years is to maintain the growth trend, increasing effectiveness and improving interactions and overlap between the various sectors, thus maximizing the benefits of the cross fertilization that distinguishes our organization. As of January 2017, Italian engineer Paolo Salvadeo joined our top management team as Managing Director, with the aim of maximizing the potential both of the group and its individual member companies.

We firmly believe that a stronger and more effective management structure provides the foundation for healthy and robust growth in a rapidly-evolving market.


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