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Dear colleagues,

the problem of the so called coronavirus (COVID-19) is very serious also in our Nation.

We have followed all precautions, both for our employees, our management, and our area managers. The company has respected all Government rules. We have been sailing in some uncharted waters until now, as you can easily imagine. The general situation has caused a certain disruption in our usual operations. We have placed several people in “smart working”, at home, as requested by our Prime Minister. A great effort for our IT managers, so far.

As a business counter measure, as we did in 2008, when the global economic crisis struck most of the companies, worldwide, we’ll continue to invest in R&D, and in all operations, although some of them shall be fully remotized for the time being.

You’ll soon appreciate how much the company has worked, in the last couple of years, to main­tain and grow its leadership in the laser medical arena.

We are going to present to you many new products in the following days and weeks.

And, AGAIN, we won’t stop ourselves at this stage.

Perseverance, Courage, Heart.

They are, and will continue to be, the three main engines for DEKA, and, in general, for Italy.

Italy was completely destroyed after the second world war. However, in the years which followed, the Country faced a so called “Economic Boom”. Italian peo­ple are extraordinary, and they’ll react very positively, and quickly, also this time. An economic boom will follow, surely!

When Covid will be off, people will just face a contagion of hope, will to restart, and optimism.

Let’s catch together the huge business opportunities we have in front of us !

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. ” (John Lennon)

To greater success together !

Paolo Salvadeo

Managing Director of Deka M.E.L.A

General Manager of El.En. SpA

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