Motus AY: Revolution Keeps Going

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Motus AY is the new system that DEKA has developed to complete the Motus AX Alexandrite laser. A system without rivalries, with all the benefits and without the disadvantages of Alexandrite laser, and now equipped with a Nd:YAG laser source too.

  • The Alex wavelength is the only one which is effective at treating fine and light hair. No other type of laser is able to combine an efficient melanin absorption (at 755 nm), a high peak power (more than 6,000 W) and the possibility of selecting a short pulse length (up to 2 ms).
  • The Nd:YAG source at 1,064 nm completes the system adding a wavelength which penetrates deep inside the skin to be effective in vascular treatment, not only for the face but also for legs where vessels are more difficult to be reached.

With MOVEO Technology, DEKA came out with a revolutionary technology in the field of laser hair removal. The Moveo handpiece with the sapphire tip, developed by DEKA’s R&D, is the killer application in medical laser hair removal. It is a new idea based on 4 fundamental concepts: effectiveness, speed, safety and simplicity.

Moveo is available for both Alex and Nd:YAG laser, and DEKA has overcome limitations and difficulties of the traditional lasers for hair removal while retaining all the advantages.

The Moveo Technology actually uses simple, even movements over specific areas, quickly removing unwanted hair due to its 20 mm sapphire tip size. The repeated passes over small areas, cause gradual heating of the vital parts of the hair leading to its destruction in a way that is totally painless for the patient and side-effects free such as burning or discolouring.

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