A brand is the image of a company, reflecting its identity in terms of values, mission and objectives. Our logo was designed about 35 years ago, when DEKA was in its infancy – its aim was mainly to gain notoriety and get ourselves known as manufacturers of high-performance lasers.

The code of Excellence, the DEKA tagline: indeed, DEKA means ten in Greek, the number of excellence, the perfect score, the ultimate. Achieving excellence has always been our mission here at DEKA, a universal value unerringly shared by everyone in the team: from R&D to production, from sales to our distributors.

The time has now come for some key changes to be made in our corporate organization and strategy. It’s time to renew our image and our brand.

We need to set ourselves new goals, values that will match the new scenarios on the horizon and align with the market’s future requirements. The key to success for any brand is to speak honestly to its audience, to communicate the values and the direction it will be taking in the near future. Our brand is our being!

In any future scenario in the healthcare sector, there can be no getting away from an ambivalence, made up of both hopes and fears, that the sector feels towards new and increasingly innovative and intelligent technologies. There is a widespread sense of uncertainty and dilemma about what Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the medical field will lead to.

That makes it all the more important for us to address these worries by clarifying that we are a pragmatic, long-standing and prestigious organization (reliability) with consolidated skills, made up of real people (human values).  As a company made up of people, first and foremost we have Innate Ability

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