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After the great success obtained at the World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore, more important developments in technological evolution are coming, as a result of the creativity and concreteness of the leader in the aesthetic market.

After the success obtained in the US and Canada, DEKA, with its laser systems, among which the very famous lunch-time “CoolPeel® treatment, for face rejuvenation and epilation, is now introducing the TETRA PRO, MOTUS PRO, SMARTXIDE PRO and TORO platforms to the market.
With these new solutions DEKA transforms traditional dermatology laser technology paradigms, aesthetic medicine and dermatologic surgery, opening them to new practical frontiers.
Riccardo Stocchi – The company’s Innovation Manager stated: “The enthusiasm for the success we obtained with the PRO line and the ability to anticipate physicians’ requests, have turned, once again, into DEKA’s ability to create innovation, paying close attention to product positioning and correct segmentation of the reference market, responding with breakthrough technologies, which provide enormous benefits to both operators and patients. The road marked by DEKA, which has invested substantially in research and development and clinical research, obtaining extraordinary results, highlights, besides high efficacy and safety standards, maniacal attention to detail, from equipment design to software usability, with more and more innovative graphic user interfaces, which are absolutely intuitive and user friendly. Paolo Salvadeo, DEKA’s CEO and El.En.’s General Manager, echoes Mr. Stocchi by adding: These four new laser solutions, which see the light after few months from the launch of the PRO line, are the umpteenth demonstration of the efficacy of our organizational and R&D model.
The path is marked. Thanks to DEKA’s strong aid, our group, in the medical segment, not only wishes to assert itself as the first player in the medical laser segment worldwide, but also to prospectively maintain a strong leadership position with regard to the market and competition. It is a fast-running machine, which we have no intention of slowing down.


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