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TETRA PRO carries on the success seen by the birth of the “CoolPeel®” treatment/ phenomenon in the US.
TETRA PRO, with its 40W of power, is the evolution of the 30W “SmartXide Tetra” CO2 laser, with a broader scanning area and treatment time reduction by 25%. The new “TETRA MOVEO” scanning mode also allows for treatment time reduction of the Made in the USA “CoolPeel®”. The ability to execute different treatments, from traditional and fractional rejuvenation, to various types of scar tissue, also deep, ultrafast vaporisations and other treatments which fall within various disciplines, completes the versatility of this new technology.

MOTUS PRO is the latest evolution of the Motus line, Alexandrite laser and Nd:YAG, which has revolutionized the paradigms of epilation thanks to its high efficacy and very high comfort for the  patient, also opening itself up to vascular treatments, up to the latest
Made in the USA “MOVEO GLO”, which offers a complete face treatment, in the same session, to achieve optimal results at pigmentary, vascular and chrono-photo aging level. The “3 in 1” treatment with “GLO(W)” effect. New design, more peak power, handled by a new software and mitigated by a new cooling system to carry forward the worldwide success in epilation signed by DEKA, are only a few of the novelties of the MOTUS PRO.

TORO is the laser device that the market had long been waiting for to act on more fronts: Spots, tattoos, rejuvenation, ranging from scar tissue to toning, all the way to the DEKAPeel treatment, to quickly intervene on dilated pores and obtain general improvement of cutaneous texture. 2 wavelengths, 1064 and 532 nm Q-Switched, and a third, 785nm, operating in the picosecond range, guarantee treatment efficacy and safety.
TORO has been engineered especially for those skin types, among which Asian ones, which may benefit from this ultrafast coherent  radiation, in terms of treatment efficacy and safety. By means of a  preset database, which offers several clinical cases and a guided path throughout the various parameters which involve several targets (spot depth, tattoo color, typology of benign pigmented lesions, rejuvenation type and toning), TORO guides the physician, whilst guaranteeing treatment efficacy and safety.

SmartXidePRO replicates the success of its predecessor, SmartXide DOT, the first fractional laser on the market, which has obtained success the world
over, in particular in the United States, also known for periocular and blepharoplasty treatments.

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