Spotlight on: DEKA KOREA (DEKA’s partner in Korea)

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My name is CH KIM from Korea and we are the Korean distributor for ONDA and RED TOUCH by DEKA.
We began selling DEKA ONDA and RED TOUCH in Korea in November 2022.
Unlike other countries, the Korean market has many laser and aesthetic manufacturing companies, and although it is not a large  market, I believe it holds an important position as a global test market.
Korean doctors are always interested in new treatments, conduct various clinical tests, and are interested in new parameters and new treatment approaches. For example, although ONDA products are selling well for body shaping, there has been a strong interest in skin tightening and face lifting treatments using the new Microwave technology instead of body shaping treatment in our market.
Accordingly, with DEKA’s active support, we were able to introduce ONDA’s new Pocket Handpiece for 3mm mark depth in Korea. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to DEKA.
As you know, RED TOUCH is the world’s first Collagen laser in the world but, in Korea, it is currently being clinically tested as a melasma treatment and pigment and collagen booster laser, and is currently being introduced to the market with good results. In Korea, we have the two biggest market for skin tightening and melasma/pigmented treatment.
So, our company focuses on ONDA for the skin tightening and RED TOUCH for the melasma and pigmentation. In preparation for the rapid changes in the Korean market, we are always updating users with new treatments and new protocols through continuous user meetings, and we are continuously conducting new clinical tests on existing products to find treatments suitable for new customer needs.
We are also doing our best to continuously attend conferences, lectures, and promote our products.
Currently, our company’s best-selling product is ONDA.
As explained earlier, in Korea, ONDA has been introduced and sold as a Face Skin Tightening product. RF (Radiofrequency) and HIFU (High Focused Ultra Sound) are widely used in existing skin tightening treatments in the market, and ONDA’s new Microwave technology is doing its best to keep up with market trends and is a product that is receiving lots of attention. We have installed around 200 units in Korea market for 1 year and the satisfaction feedback from the doctors and patients has been positive.
We try to put our best effort into securing a high position for ONDA for the skin tightening market and we will make it more successful in our market.
Again thanks for DEKA`s great cooperation and help.



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