TRICOSCAN – The New Cutting-Edge Solution for Trichology

DEKA presents its new scanning system for Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation procedures. Tricoscan is a CO2 fractional laser scanning system – available for SmartXide2 and Smartxide Touch – designed to prepare the skin for follicular transplant.

For a doctor the main challenge during hair transplantation is to be able to limit procedure time as much as possible, always ensuring maximum patient comfort. Multiple factors can occur during the procedure and the Tricoscan fractional scanning system with laser-assistance greatly simplifies the implant stage, increasing the speed of the procedure with less effort by the surgeon.

The CO2 laser removes varying depths of dermal-epidermal tissue, facilitating bulb insertion via the implanter. At the same time, the underlying tissue remains unaltered thus ensuring the correct transplantation of the new bulb. The superficial micro-hole that is produced by Tricoscan scanning facilitates hair bulb transplantation, requiring lower pressure by the surgeon and drastically reducing needle deterioration.

Tricoscan laser-assisted transplantation shows a very high succes rate compared to using the non-CO2 laser traditional technique. New studies are underway to explore the CO2 laser’s regenerative action!

TricoscanTM is a simple solution that significantly simplifies my job, above all. The Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation procedure doesn’t replace the traditional technique but rather supports the doctor by facilitating transplant surgery, minimising the duration of the entire procedure by over 30%, reducing costs and limiting any problems during transplantation. The solution is simple, but it requires cutting-edge technology that is specific for this application.”  Ahmed Youssef Abdel-Aal, M.D. | CEO of Juvederm Elite Clinic – Kuwait City, Kuwait |PhD Researcher at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

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