LUXEA – A New Light Brightens in the Field of Dermatology and Aesthetic

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DEKA introduces a new multifunctional and upgradable platform: a complete and modular system offering a wide range of skin and beauty treatments.

Luxea provides up to 10 different handpieces, either laser and latest generation IPL, whose configuration is user-adjustable depending on both clinic specializations and scheduled budget, allowing to meet professional demand exhaustively.

Based on its long-lasting experience, DEKA has developed a new generation of pulsed light and laser handpieces, providing:

  • Greater power
  • Maximum Safety and comfort
  • Lightness and improved ergonomics

Pulsed Light: The Hearth of LuxeaA new generation of 4 FT Pulsed Light handpieces (Liliac, Viridis, Ruber, Lazur ) that cover a wide range of treatments (Hair removal, acne, vascular applications).

Laser: Small Size, Big Performance > 5 handpieces (Sparks, Insight, Prisma, Erise, Vivid) with miniaturized laser sources ensuring high-performing treatments. They represent the best choice for effective and focused performances.

Cellulite and Skin Laxity > Setis (RF) is the handpiece for the treatment of cellulite and flabby skin.

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