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‘’ Since our history began, we have seen a succession of eras”.

An era may be defined as a long and distinct period of history  with a particular feature or characteristic. In the medical laser arena DEKA has lived several important eras, each one characterized by a specific product. Smartepil, SmartXide Dot, Smartlipo, Cellulaze and MonaLisa Touch are just a few examples of our greatest successes, during time. However, the current era is, in my humble opinion, the most challenging one and, at the same
time, the most promising of all. We are unceasingly developing new products, services and business models in core and adjacent areas (see body treatments with Onda) to maintain profitable growth.
We are strongly responding to threats from rapidly expanding competition.
We deeply understand changing customer needs, benefiting from new technological
We are now able to connect to customers, partners, KOLs, influencers and experts quicker and better than competitors. Our R&D Department produces new lasers and electro-medical solutions without interruption.
Our Engineering and Quality Affairs departments constantly monitor the reliability of the artifacts.
Our Production Department is gearing up to face new challenges, while our Service Department and customers start to benefit from our latest TeleService breakthrough solutions. Without forgetting our Regulatory Affairs Department which daily fights for seeking clearances
worldwide for our products. Our customers and partners can really enjoy a new and fresher air.
In this magazine issue we’ll spot on one of our best business partners, AME KSA from Saudi Arabia, very open minded and capable to reach a true leadership in an entire market.
We are also going to announce two new products: TricoScan and the latest Luxea platform.
I do not want to reveal what these are, not to spoil the surprise. But … enjoy them … and …… the best is yet to come ! ‘’

Paolo  Salvadeo

Managing Director DEKA


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