DEKA celebrates 25 years in business

deka-celebrates-25-years-in-businessIntense years of growth, experimentation, change and evolution.  25 years, a key milestone which our men and women have helped us achieve through their expertise and passion.

These have been years of round-the-clock work, coming up with new laser applications in the various medical fields we operate in.

We’re now reaping the rewards, as today DEKA produces the highest number of different wavelengths for applications ranging from dermatology to surgery, but also ENT, rehabilitation medicine, urology, and endoscopic surgery.

I still well remember our first successful product, the KSV25S, a sealed-off CO₂ laser source (which needed no external CO₂ mixture tanks), which was known as the “Pirelli Tower” because it looked like Milan’s famous Pirelli skyscraper. It was the first CO₂ laser to be used in Dermatology and Gynaecology to be widely available in both private and public clinics.

Over the years, DEKA has continued to invest in these systems, which have taken on an increasingly prominent role in our core business, becoming one of the key differentiators, adding to the reputation we have built up around the world, based on the SmartXide and SmartXide² systems and methods such as DOT Therapy, Madonna Lift and MonaLisa Touch®

In addition to CO₂, other laser sources (and so other products) have enjoyed great international success, such as SmartLipo which revolutionized the lipolysis market, while SmartEpil, Synchro REPLA:Y and the newcomer Motus AX have made their mark in the hair removal field.

DEKA was founded in the Tuscan city of Florence, a part of Italy which has been associated throughout history with the pursuit of perfection.

In the mid – 1990s we started an internationalization process that has enabled us to achieve significant growth and raise awareness of the company worldwide.

Today we are present in over 80 countries, working with more than 200 professionals, with various research centres and with hospitals.

DEKA’s wealth of experience and knowledge makes us an exceptional example, a core point of reference for research teams everywhere.

Our tenacity and passion are still very much alive and there is still a long list of projects that we intend to carry out.

Our mission is to use our knowledge to make products that can further improve the quality of people’s lives.

We put our knowledge to use so that we can help people, which is what drives us to seek perfection.

Success is a natural consequence of that!

Lapo Cirri

Sales Director Italy

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