Welcome, DEKA MAG! The best is yet to come…

welcome-deka-mag-the-best-is-yet-to-comDear readers,

I’m very glad to have the opportunity to introduce this first issue of DEKA MAG, a magazine which gives voice to our company in an attempt to create a shared culture, to spread the word outside our existing circle of our customers, patients and readers in general. It is a strong and effective communication tool because it represents our soul, which is what makes us unique.

This year is our 25th anniversary.

Since the founding of DEKA, back in 1991, many things have changed on the medical laser scene, and we now know much more about its potential and much more about its limits. The number of applications has expanded, especially in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, and the laser has become an increasingly popular tool among patients throughout the world, much appreciated especially for its efficacy, minimal invasiveness and ease of recovery.

As a result, DEKA has evolved hugely over the years, through year-round research into new application fields that have opened up totally unexpected areas of necessity. This continuous quest for innovation was definitely the winning element enabling us here at DEKA to grow and to play a leading role on the medical laser scene.

It may sound crazy to talk about innovation in this country at this moment in our history, and from that point of view DEKA is a bit of a black swan, a rarity of our times.

And it is this understanding that makes us believe in what we are doing and gives us the courage to forge ahead, continuing to innovate and moving forward with perseverance and courage.

Also – and above all – we’d like to thank everyone who believed in us, who has worked with us, who has opened the doors of their clinics to test out our products, who was thrilled about our projects that enhance life.

And that is why we have decided to tell our story, and share it with you, along with our innovations, projects and ambitions using a classical but effective instrument such as DEKA MAG.

In this first issue, you will find information on our company and its 25 years in business, about our innovations and successful products, case histories from the market and interesting initiatives that will require your cooperation.

Our goal is to foster knowledge of our products and our company, create a sense of team spirit and strengthen relations and loyalties between the company and its target market, at least a couple of times a year (with an autumn and spring issues and also a digital version).

Welcome, DEKA MAG! The best is yet to come


Mauro Galli

International Sales and Marketing Manager

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