Revolution in Hair Removal: MOTUS AX

motus-ax-for-hair-removal-laser-deviceMOTUS AX is an exciting new player in the hair removal arena which represents a significant advancement in the present panorama of hair removal devices.

A new idea based on 4 fundamental concepts:

1. effectiveness
2. speed
3. safety
4. simplicity

The effectiveness of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser sources is scientifically and clinically recognized for photoepilation. The core of MOTUS AX is an Alexandrite laser at 755 nm which has been designed to produce pulses, at lower energies, but with higher repetition rate.

One of the more remarkable aspects about the MOTUS AX is the revolutionary handpiece Moveo, an innovative and unique delivery system for laser energy which is avoiding the loss of 40% of laser energy, normally reflected back off the skin surface with standard handpieces.

Moveo includes a range of 10 handpieces available with automatic spot recognition system. Equipped with an integrated skin contact cooling system and an acoustic signal on completion of the area selected, MOVEO can treat areas of 100 cm² in under 25 seconds. The procedure available with this device have less discomfort for the patients Another advantage with MOTUS AX is that it can be used safely on any skin type, even darker ones.

In Dr. Michela Troiano’s experience (Villa Donatello Clinic, Florence, Italy), “contrary to classical methods, use of the Moveo technology – characterized by the high energy transmission to the skin thanks to the sapphire tip, the emission at high frequencies and low fluences, and repeated passages over the same treatment area – can offer excellent results in terms of efficacy (reduction in the number of hairs), while remaining a treatment that is safe, easy and handy to use even by inexperienced operators, well tolerated by patients (largely painless) and free of side effects. Furthermore, the technique of multiple passages over the same area makes the treatment extremely uniform in its execution. As a doctor, what I like the most is the capability to carry out a treatment easily.

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