Spotlight on: Rafees Azeez – Kuwait

 dekas-distributors-worldwide--deka-mag-house-organRafees Azeez
Executive Director,
Hope4Cure Medical Services Co.

To start with, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Rafees Azeez. I hailed from Sri Lanka to Kuwait 21 years ago. In terms of education background, I hold 2 bachelors degrees (Naleemi, BA) and a Master degree, which is a Master in Business Administration in Health Care Services (MBA – HCS).

I have been working in the medical field for the last 17 years and handling lasers for 11 years – adding to my experience and knowledge about lasers. Fortunately, all 11 years are with DEKA. What a beautiful journey it has been!

Currently I am the Executive Director of Hope4Cure Medical Services Co., a company based in Kuwait. It has been a roller coaster struggle ride since we entered the market in 2007. At present, we are 10 employees, from which we have 3 dedicated engineers – Eng. Riswan Shajahan, Eng. Sameer Mohammed, and Eng. Venkatesan – only for DEKA laser maintenance. We also deal with international brands and suppliers for medical cosmetic products.

Kuwait is a very small country geographically with a total population of 4 million inhabitants including 1.2 million native Kuwaiti population. Expats make up over 2.8 million population.

The laser market in Kuwait is captured by all major brands from around the world. More specifically, Kuwait laser market is majorly shared by Cynosure, Candela and DEKA.

Competition is getting tougher between all laser brands. Korean and Chinese manufacturers already entered the market so high price of our products is affecting the sales.

Since the end of 2015 the laser market is highly affected due to inflation and decline in petrol prices. We have been working for bringing DEKA to the 1st position. We have to! Therefore, we are planning to order a good number of demos to keep in our stock so as to provide demos as required by the clients. We are also arranging several training in Kuwait as well as in Italy for doctors and technicians.

In my long journey with DEKA intelligent technologies, I can say, DEKA is a global leader in manufacturing medical lasers. Its undergoing dynamic growth is being fueled by the rapid escalation of illustrious and evolving technologies. The hard work and endless efforts of DEKA team in the battle of upliftment of the company to the present level, must be highly appreciated. Good luck for all future endeavors.

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