MonaLisa Touch®: proud to have changed women’s lives

MonaLisa Touch® - DEKA MagNaming it after Leonardo Da Vinci’s great masterpiece appears to have been a stroke of luck.

MonaLisa Touch®the first laser treatment for the symptoms of the typical vaginal atrophy occurring during both natural and induced menopause is a great achievement, both for us and for the medical world.

The laser system is the fruit of an intuition – applying a CO₂ laser to the vaginal mucosa in order to replicate what usually happened during fractional face treatment; it was launched in Italy in 2012, and then spread to the rest of the world.

Today MonaLisa Touch® is being used in over 60 countries worldwide, earning no less than 12 scientific publications (others are still being written), demonstrating the effectiveness of our treatment and the reliability of the technology.

We have opened up a new market, creating a new trend: functional vaginal rejuvenation (not to be confused with aesthetic rejuvenation), which aims to resolve symptoms of dryness, atrophy and vaginal burning – caused by the estrogen drop. As the population ages, women are increasingly less likely to give in to the effects of menopause; on the contrary, they try to offset the symptoms as naturally as possible without experiencing any side effects.

MonaLisa Touch® was the first product that meets this need, as it is a fast, safe, effective and pain-free treatment.

This success is due to no small degree to the product’s technological excellence: unlike other types of lasers, the SmartXide² fractional CO₂ laser can achieve optimum depth of action and the right thermal effect to trigger the cell regeneration process.

Indeed, the system uses an exclusive technology (PSD Technology) which modulates the laser pulse shape according to the type of tissue that needs treating. This optimises the effectiveness of the treatment and reduces the pain felt by the patient to a minimum.

As well as the product’s uniqueness, the strength of our international success lies in our understanding of the cultural differences prevailing in each country, which has allowed us to position ourselves according to the social conditions and other distinctive features which affect women’s lives in various nations.

Today MonaLisa Touch® is our flagship product, accounting for approximately 40% of international sales.

Here at DEKA we are looking to the future, already planning and developing other laser applications for Gynaecology. We are convinced that lasers can still come up with plenty of other improvements in this area that have yet to be explored.


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